16 year-old dies after avalanche in Vest-Agder

ÅseralÅseral in Vest-Agder.Photo: Lindesnes / NTB scanpix

A 16 year-old boy who was caught in an avalanche at Åseral in Vest-Agder on Sunday and found after over three hours in the snow has been confirmed dead.

The boy was sent to Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen after being found, and late on Sunday evening the hospital confirmed that he had died.

“They have confirmed that the person has died,and that there was a young local man of 16 years up there. The family was notified and the
municipality’s crisis team were gathered. The main focus now is to take care of the family and those closest to the youngster. Then there will be investigations of what has happened” said operations manager, Linn Andresen of Agder police district to NTB news.

No new information has yet been provided regarding the course of events, except that a person on a snowmobile was caught in the avalanche at 15.10 on Sunday.

100 meters wide

About 40 people participated in the search.

The boy who was taken off by the avalanche,and it was a follow up team who alerted the emergency services. Search dogs, an air ambulance and a SeaKing helicopter also participated in the search.

According to the police, the avalanche was about 100 meters wide and up to 200 meters long.

It entered the Signes Valley, north of the private hunting estate, Lordehytta, reported Fædrelandsvennen news.

The landslide was far from people, and the police had to use both helicopter and snowmobile to get to the scene said operating director, John Repstad of Agder police district to NTB news just after the report of the landslide was registered.

Young man

The 16 year-old was taken out of the area just before 18.00. Then he was quickly transported to the hospital by air ambulance.

According to the police, the missing boy and the snow mobile were not found together. On Sunday evening a gathering took place in one of the municipality’s premises.

The crisis team was present, and both those who were on the trip and those involved in the search were gathered for a review.

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