16-years-old girl indicted for reporting fake rape

Law book gavel 16-years-old girlLaw books and gavel, Illistration: Pixabay.com

16-years-old girl indicted for reporting fake rape in Porsgrunn

A 16-years-old girl who reported an assault rape in Porsgrunn at the end of April is charged with having reported a criminal offense that has not happened.


The police in Telemark received the notification on 27 April. According to the girl she had been attacked and raped or attempted to be raped in a forest area in Porsgrunn the night before.

– On the basis of information that has emerged during the investigation, the police believe it is most likely that the girl is not subjected to any punishable offense, states police lawyer, Tine Henriksen, in South-Eastern Police District.

Guardians notified

The girl was therefore charged with false statement on 10 May. She has been in several interviews with the police, and both the girl and her guardians are made aware of the indictment. The police are not yet willing to make a statement about how the girl felt about the indictment or what she has explained in interviews.

The police filed a case after the girl contacted them via her parents. According to police, the girl had explained that there had been a man behind her on a path. He then allegedly took hold of her and pulled her over. She stated that the rape or rape attempt had happened there and then, before she kicked and punched free.


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