17 sheep taken by wolf in Rendalen

Killed sheepIllustration.Killed sheep.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

17 sheep owned by four different farmers have been taken by a wolf in Rendalen in Hedmark this weekend.


Three died, the rest had to be killed, said Per Magde Opdal of wildlife contact in the state’s nature conservation department to Nationen newspaper.

Sheep farmer Jo Inge Haugseth was one of the four farmers who were hit.

“Now I have killed ten sheep. I have found two dead and need to come in with new resources tomorrow to get more information.I know that the number is going to rise,” he said.

Sandra Borch of Senterpartiet (Sp) believes the wolf attack shows that there is still too many wolves in Norway.

“It is regrettable that this happened outside the wolf zone.We have been fearing this since the hunt was halted this winter. The wolf population in Norway is too high,’’ she said.

In the winter registration, 115-116 wolves were detected in Norway, compared to 105 to 112 last winter. It is a new record, showed figures from Rovdata.


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  1. Pedro J. Alfonso | 11. June 2018 at 15:37 |

    385,203 km² for 5,259,000 humans and 116 wolves? I think there are too many Humans compared to wolves, don’t You? Sad for the sheep, is not a perfect creation yet!

    Yet…. wolves can not saw and reap….they have to hunt to survive! Humans can saw and reap, but mostly Humans just destroy this Planet!

    Now common sense will tell You…. which needs to be culled?

    It’s coming…..WAIT FOR IT!

    You offer poor solutions, like putting a band-aid on an open wound which needs 22 stitches! You worry about little things and forget what is important! (Matthew 23:23)

    Get into Clean Renewable Energy and stop being hypocrites, and misleading with things which will never save this planet; and, all Life here-in!
    And do You think the Human species, that destroys the habitat of ALL….. SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO SO?

    Judgement is UPON THIS PLANET….or are You blind, deaf, and dumb?

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