Over 170 received fees for not using belt in bus last week

bus sBus.Photo Norway Today Media

171 persons were fined by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration nationwide during belt controls of busees last week. Ten of them were drivers.

The nationwide campaign resulted in 1,500 kroner in fees to the 161 bus passengers and 10 drivers.
A further 477 passengers and two drivers were sitting unsecured, but got away with a verbal warning this time, since the inspectors had not made a sure observation, reports the Public Roads Administration.
A total of 8,345 bus passengers were controlled, distributed on 485 buses across the country.
– The fee itself is not important for us, but an effective way to get people to take more of a taffic safe choice both for themselves and fellow passengers.
We think dark numbers are still large, and that controls probably has been an eye-opener for some, says Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs from the NPRA.
She says the hope is that the fees may have a deterrent effect on others.
– The fee stings a bit, but the consequences of forgetting the belt can be fatal if it is an accident. The belt keeps you and those traveling with in the seat, and is the number one lifesaver, says Lutnæs.
Eight people died in bus accidents in the period from 2014 to 2015.
Several of the victims could have saved their life if the belt was on. There is no requirement for belts in all types of buses, but the most serious accidents happened in buses with a belt.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today