18 people infected by tuberculosis at the Ullersmo prison

Ullersmo prisonUllersmo prison.

16 inmates and two employees at the Ullersmo prison have tested positive for tuberculosis since January, writing newspaper VG. The the medical superintendent  of Ullensaker stresses that the situation is under control.

In January  seven inmates at the Ullersmo tested positive for tuberculosis after an inmate was hospitalized. Since then, a total of 97 people in the prison have been tested.
-Out of these,  16 inmates and two employees have tested positive, the medical superintendent  of Ullensaker  Lars Myklestad  told VG.
He says the situation in the prison now considered to be brought to an end and that everyone who tested positive are now healthy, and no longer carrying any infections:
-That a person has tested positive for the blood test, does not imply that they are carrying any infections. If a person  is infected, it is only a 10 percent chance that he or she develops the disease.
Each year  about between 350 to 400  incidents of tuberculosis disease in Norway are reported  , according to the Public Health Institute.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today