19-year-old Mustafa Hasan allowed to stay in Norway, authorities decide

Mustafa HasanPhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

After almost 14 years in Norway, 19-year-old Mustafa Hasan will finally get a residence permit. The Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) believes that the case does not set a precedent for children in the same situation as Hasan.

Hasan has lived and grown up in Asker since he was six years old. He came to Norway from Jordan with his family in 2008. Most of his family members were sent out of the country, but not Hasan, because he was a minor. When he turned 18 in 2020, he received notice that he would have to leave the country in a short time.

Last year, the UNE’s decision on deportation was declared invalid in Oslo District Court, and thus the case had to be re-examined.

This time, the UNE has come to the conclusion that the 19-year-old will receive a residence permit in Norway, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) writes.

“Born again”

“New health information has been an important element in an overall assessment. The fact that he has spent most of his childhood and adolescence in Norway is also emphasized,” department head at the UNE Terje Østraat told the newspaper Vårt Land.

“The latest information that was included in the case was received from his lawyer in December,” Østraat said.

Mustafa Hasan received the message on Tuesday morning.

“It feels like I’m born again,” he told the newspaper VG.

Does not set a precedent

The decision also created political reactions. The Red Party (Rødt) believes the decision is not only a victory for Mustafa but also for all those who fight for a policy based on more solidarity.

The Socialist Left Party (SV) told NTB that the outcome of Hasan’s case must also have consequences for other cases.

“Young people like Mustafa should not go through life in uncertainty in this way. Therefore, we will work to ensure that the Mustafa case also leads to a change in the system,” SV’s immigration policy spokesperson Grete Wold stated.

The UNE, on the other hand, rejects the notion that the Hasan case sets a precedent for children in the same situation.

“This is a very special case that is not similar to many other cases. The decision has been reached after a concrete assessment of the content of this particular case, as it stands right now,” Østraat said.

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