190,000 poultry slaughtered after virus outbreak in the Netherlands

ChickenPhoto: William Moreland / Unsplash

Dutch authorities have killed about 190,000 chickens after a highly contagious bird flu virus was discovered on at least two farms.

About 100,000 chickens on a farm outside the city of Gouda were killed, as well as 90,000 chickens on another farm in Friesland in the north of the country.

In both cases, a highly contagious variant of the H5 virus was found, the Ministry of Agriculture stated on Sunday.

A number of outbreaks of bird flu have been reported in recent weeks from various parts of Europe, and the authorities in both Denmark and Germany have decided to kill thousands of chickens and turkeys.

Furthermore, in recent weeks, about 9 million of Denmark’s 17 million mink have been killed to prevent a mutated coronavirus from spreading among humans.

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