195 asylum seekers come to Norway in May

195 asylum seekers come to Norway in MayOslo.195 asylum seekers come to Norway in May. Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien / NTB scanpix

After five months, 1,407 asylum seekers have arrived in Norway. In May, only 195 came, according to fresh figures from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

There hasn’t been an easy month since the spring of 1991, according to figures NTB has disclosed.
Just over six out of ten asylum seekers this year are men. The proportion of women is 37.5 percent, and one out of three asylum seekers are under 18 years. Most of the children and young people have come to Norway with their family.

Syrians are the largest group this year, with 16 percent of applicants. Afghans are in second place with 15 percent. Iraqis make up 9 percent of the asylum seekers, while Eritreans accounts for 8 percent of the applications this year. Somalis are the fifth largest group with around 7 percent.
In comparison, the Swedes received 13,350 asylum seekers this year, while the Danes have received around 3,000 applicants, as have Finland.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today