20,000 collection boxes ready for Cancer Society’s action

Cancer Society's actionSecretary General, Anne Lise Ryel.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

On Monday March the 11th, the Cancer Society’s annual collection day starts. More than 20,000 collectors willparticipate,and money will be collected for the forms of cancer that few survive.

The Society’s ‘Action Force’ against cancer is held this year for the 14th time.Money will be collected for research so that more people will survive the cancers that today have a high mortality rate.

These include lung, gall bladder, liver and esophageal cancer.Only two out of ten survive these cancers the association said.They also want more research on pancreatic cancer,from which only one in ten survive.

‘’There are several reasons why some cancers still have low survival rates.They are often discovered too late because they have diffuse symptoms and are not something that can be detected by a check’’ said Secretary General, Anne Lise Ryel.

The money will also contribute to good care services for patients and relatives.

Every year, nearly 34,000 Norwegians are diagnosed with cancer according to figures from the Cancer Society.Over 90 people get a cancer diagnosis every day.

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