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2019 may be an extreme year for pollen

PollenPollen.Photo: Pixabay

Last year’s hot spring and summer, combined with a mild winter and early start to the pollen season, could cause a record number of Norwegians this year to be affected by a pollen allergy.

Heavy pollen dispersion could lead to more than usual feeling ailments during the year’s pollen season.

“Climate change means that we are more susceptible to allergy than before, and much indicates that the pollen season this year may be longer and thus more troublesome, as well as affecting more of us than before” said Sverre Steinsvåg, department head for the ear-nose-throat department at Sørlandet Hospital and Professor at the University of Bergen.

The experts have long warned that the number of allergy sufferers is increasing in Norway. According to a survey conducted by the analysis agency, YouGov on behalf of Allergiguiden, 1.2 million Norwegians state that they have or believe they have a pollen allergy.

This is an increase of 20% from when the same survey was carried out in 2017.

The study also shows that one in five do not treat the allergy and that the incidence of self-medication is large.

Steinsvåg therefore encouraged anyone who experiences complaints to seek out a doctor.

‘’This also applies to those who wonder if it is an allergy or an ordinary spring cold they are afflicted with’’ he said.

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