20,200 people in Norway may be infected with the coronavirus

Corona testing of staff at Ullevål HospitalOslo.Corona testing of staff at Ullevål Hospital .Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB scanpix

A company that collects data from Norwegian GPs reported that 20,200 people are registered as infected or suspected of being infected by the Coronavirus.

The company, PasientSky released the figures on NRK Dagsrevyen on Monday evening.

The figures are based on reports from 40 per cent of the Norwegian doctors’ offices, where patients have had consultation either physically or over the phone.

The patients in question have been diagnosed with covid-19, which means they are most likely to have the virus. The Directorate of Health has asked to obtain the figures from PasientSky, but warned that the figures must be interpreted cautiously.

“There will be patients who are suspected of having the illness but do not actually have it,“ said Division Director Johan Torgersen of the Directorate of Health.

Torgersen says the numbers are important, so that they can monitor how the Coronavirus affects the GP service.

“It is important to note that the virus places great pressure on the GPs,”he added. 

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4 Comments on "20,200 people in Norway may be infected with the coronavirus"

  1. And this is just the beginning … because the Norwegian government isn’t requiring EVERYONE to wear (even just homemade) facemasks … for *others*’ protection … in keeping with King Harald’s speech wherein he asks us to think of each other.

    See my case for facemasks under Norway Today’s article about King Harald’s speech.

    • Face mask can help us to protect against virus when we are outside our house specially when we are inside the stores.

  2. “COVID-19 kills 8% to 14% of those 65 to 80 years of age.”

    I have chronic bronchitis – if not chronic bronchial pneumonia – which first tried to kill me when I was 8 and has been trying more or less every other year since.

    I’m 73 … with a heart condition.

    This virus was devised to get *me* (for my anti-neocon, anti-militarist, anti-war media activism). The designer had “Get Coatney!” up on his lab wall. :-/

    Once I’m down, *then* the governments will decide EVERYONE should wear (even homemade) face masks. :-/

    See the Catch-22 “sophistry” scene on YouTube, where Yossarian says it’s *not* impersonal: the Germans are trying to kill *him* – personally. 🙂

  3. people can wear mask when going outside , please do it by your selves and dont wait until they announce to wear mask! wear protection if you think that can help for your health,guys! if cant buy at apotek , make home made mask! its too risky now to go outside when you see many people walking outside without wearing face mask i can immagine how if one of them infected and the virus is free to come out from their mouth and fly on the air and you will smell the virus all 😝

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