21 years imprisonment for triple murder in Pakistan


A married couple has been sentenced to 21 years in prison for having ordered the killing of a son in-law, his brother, and his father, in Pakistan. The husband’s brother was sentenced to 17 years.

The verdict was given in the Appeals Court on Friday.

In May 2013, the couple’s son in law, his brother and father were killed by a number of gunshots in Pakistan.

Prosecutors believe the couple ordered the killings after their daughter had secretly married without their consent. The family is thought to have ordered the killings to restore the family honor.

When the matter came before the Oslo District Court last year, the couple was sentenced to the maximum penalty of 21 years in prison. The male defendant’s brother was sentenced to 17 years and all three appealed on site.

The case has continued in the Court of Appeal since September 13th.

Earlier in December, the prosecution pled for 21 years in prison for the couple, and 19 years for her husband’s brother. The jury in the District Court found all three guilty on December 5th.

All three defendants are residents in Norway, while the murder victims were all resident in Pakistan.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today