Asks for 21 years in prison for double murder

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Prosecutor asks for 21 years in prison for double murder in Kirkenes

The prosecutor believes the 59-years-old man who is accused of killing his Thai wife and her son in Kirkenes, should be sentenced to 21 years in prison.


The prosecutor, Torstein Lindquister, termed the killings as extremely brutal and cruel, and stated in his argument that they were triggered by a trifle, according to NRK. The 59-years-old has explained that he was triggered by the fact that his wife wanted to take some crystals belonging to his mother when she packed to move out.

The trial has been ongoing in the eastern Finnmark District Court for three days and ended late Wednesday afternoon with compensation claims being submitted on behalf of the murder victims’ family.

Despicable actions

37-years-old Pimsiri Songngam and her twelve year old son Petchngam Songngam, called Belt, was shot and killed with a shotgun in Kirkenes night of August 29 last year. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene while her son died later at Kirkenes Hospital. The order in which the two were shot is not known.

– If he shot mother first, Belt has witnessed – and it was the mother who accused was angry with. If he shot Belt first, the mother has witnessed a cruel act against the dearest she possesed in her life. It is not possible to put into words the cruelty of the actions, the prosecutor said.

Asked her to move

The trial started Monday. The 59-years-old accused of double murder then explained that he felt financially inferior to his Thai wife. He wanted out of marriage and told her to move.

He has admitted to having shot his wife and stepson, but he has explained that he does not recollect what happened. The man was very seriously injured when he tried to kill himself with the same shotgun that he killed his wife and her son with.

– There are no mitigating circumstances. That he shot himself and was severely injured, I can not see that is particularly relevant. Anger and regret does not matter, said Lindquister.

Is sane

The defendant testified that he picked up the semi-automatic shotgun after he had quarreled with his wife. He, however, had no good explanation to why he loaded the weapon with five cartridges.

– My intention was to scare her. Not to kill. I had no thoughts of killing myself, said 59-year-old in court Monday.

Experts have concluded that the 59-year-old was not insane when the murders were committed.

Defender Stein Rønning held his procedure Wednesday afternoon. He added the claim that the accused should be acquitted, alternatively, that he should be considered the mildest way. He also believed 59-year-old was entitled to a sentence reduction, according to iFinnmark.

Claims NOK 600,000

For each of the three surviving relatives of the murdered, Assisting attorney Edel Olsen claimed NOK 200,000 in compensation. She also asked the court to grant the family compensation for the cost of funerals, transport and travel in connection with the murders.

The defendant’s lawyer stated that the 59-year-old has no objections to the aid lawyer’s claim. Sentencing in the case will be on Thursday, June 22, at noon.


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