22.5 percent of sexual offenders were immigrants

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Just under one in four of the convicted sex offenders in 2015 had an immigrant background, according to a survey  made by the TV channel TV2 .

90 of the 399 people who were convicted of sexual offenses in 2015 had an immigrant background, according to the channel. This amounts to 22.5 percent.
TV2 have examined all the verdicts in cases concerning sexual offenses in district courts in 2015. They then mapped both the perpetrators country of origin and citizenship.
TV2 have used the SSB definition of immigrants as persons born abroad to two foreign parents or born in Norway to two foreign-born parents.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. it would look/sound different if the reporter said that 80% were not foreigners. or if you added the word (only) as the first word instead of (just under). the way this is written sends out a very wrong message, especially that only foreigners read this news paper.

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