228,000 new jobs in the United States

Men workingMen working

228,000 new jobs were created in the US this past November. Unemployment was stable at 4.1 percent.


Employment figures from the US Department of Labor include a number of non-agricultural sectors. In advance, economists had expected November figures to show that around 200,000 jobs were created.

Especially in manufacturing, construction and industrial there was strong employment growth. One of the reasons may have been the cleanup and reconstruction of hurricanes that hit the United States earlier this year.

Unemployment in the United States is the lowest in 17 years, and the growth rate in the economy has exceeded 3 percent in the last six months. Growth has also taken place in a number of other economically important countries in recent years.

The new US figures published on Friday boost the expectation that the US central bank will raise interest rates next week at its last monetary policy meeting before the turn of the year.


NTB Scanpix / Norway Today