23,000 Norwegians have taken the flu vaccine in pharmacies

VaccinePhoto: Heiko Junge / NTB

From this year, it is possible to take the flu vaccine in pharmacies in Norway without a prescription from a doctor. 

During the two weeks that the option has been available, 23,000 Norwegians have used the opportunity.

A total of 77% of the vaccines have been administered by a pharmacist in a pharmacy, according to figures from Farmalogg’s statistics. 

Until December 1, only people in risk groups have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.

Those who prefer to take the flu vaccine from their doctor can get it for NOK 50 (or free of charge if they’ve reached their payment threshold), the Norwegian Directorate of Health stated.

Pharmacies are not subsidized, and can therefore not offer the vaccine at reduced prices.

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  1. I think your information is incorrect since Boots does not administer flu vaccine without Rx prescription. This suspension was introduced after 36h after vaccine was delivered to pharmacy by Helse institutt

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