24 to hospital after cave party in Oslo, Oslo University Hospital informs

Seven people found unconscious after partying in bunkersOslo.St. Hanshaugen.Seven people found unconscious after partying in bunkers Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

Several people have critical or serious injuries after they were exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning at a party in a cave on St. Hanshaugen in Oslo on Sunday night.

-“What we can confirm is that there are 24 patients that have come to the hospital after this party,” says communications consultant Anders Bayer at Oslo University Hospital to NTB just before 7 o’clock Sunday morning.

He can not provide information about the condition of the patients. VG writes that the condition is critical for five people.

– “The information we currently have from 06:00 this morning, is that the condition is either critical or serious for several of the party participants,” says operations manager André Kråkenes in the Oslo police district to NTB.

“Seven young people were found unconscious by a patrol at 03:46 AM, after a party in a bunker at the intersection between Uelands gate and Collets gate, close to Lovisenberg hospital,” says the operations manager.

All emergency services rushed to the scene after the first messages were dispatched. On Sunday morning, the police did not question any of the young people and did not find anyone responsible for the event.

Entrance to cave was broken into

– “But we have talked to a couple of participants. There may have been up to 80 participants at the party. Estimates vary between 30 and 80 people,” says the operations manager.

According to the police, they have illegally entered the bunker, which has been locked and closed.

– “It is an entrance that has been broken into, you have to climb a bit to get there,” he says.

Kråkenes says that a patrol from the police happened to come across a number of deranged young people in the area and then found the seven who had to have health care. Then evacuation and life-saving first aid began.

The fire brigade measured the oxygen level at the site to 16 percent after the evacuation. Combined with a high content of CO2 in the air, it can be dangerous. Normally, the oxygen level in dry air is 21 percent.

– “Drugs must also have been used at the party. The combination of bad air, alcohol and drugs is not lucky. Several left the party before the police arrived,” Kråkenes says.

On Sunday morning, Oslo University Hospital announces that everyone who had been present at this party must go to the emergency room to measure blood gas levels.

Birthday rave

– “There are no more people in there now,” Kråkenes says to NTB at 04:30.

He does not know what the room is used for otherwise or how the suspected poisoning may have taken place, but the police believe the carbon monoxide may have originated from a portable unit that was used to provide electricity for the party.

The police task force leader present, Arve Røtterud, says that there has been a rave party in connection with a birthday celebration. He describes the bunker as a cave.

– “One of our patrols was waved down by someone who felt ill and needed help. While the patrol was helping and talking to this person, more people come out of the cave,” he says.

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