25 lorries are stuck on the way up to Hemsedalsfjellet: “Chaotic”

LorryPhoto: Freddie Larsen / NTB

25 lorries are stuck, and several cars have driven into the ditch on national road 52 up towards Hemsedalsfjellet, according to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The Hemsedal mountains are the mountains that surrounds Hemsedal Valley in Buskerud.

“Chaotic is probably the right word (to describe it),” the on-duty officer at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration Ketil Molvær told NRK.

Highway 52 is one of the busiest mountain passes in Norway. 

The road could be closed for several hours.

“Tow trucks are on their way, but this will take time to resolve, so we recommend everyone to take the E16 over Filefjell in the next few hours,” Molvær said.

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  1. Trucks make it into Norway not prepared for Norway’s
    winter roads,. No chains, bald tires, drivers not
    knowing how to manage slippery roads, maybe unable to
    communicate in Norwegian or english when in trouble.

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