25,000 people in Norway failed the driving license theory exam this summer

Traffic signsPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has conducted a record number of theory exams this summer.

However, as many as 37% of the candidates failed the exams.

A total of 68,342 people took the theory exam in June, July, and August, an increase of 43% from the same period last year, according to the figures presented by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on Friday.

But many were poorly prepared, as 25,365 candidates failed the exam.

“With a failure rate of 37%, it is clear that many take the theory test too lightly. 

Furthermore, many take the theory test before they are ready, just to check their knowledge,” department director Frode Børstad in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration noted in a press release in September.

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3 Comments on "25,000 people in Norway failed the driving license theory exam this summer"

  1. Norway has a challenging driving test, this is a good thing as we get a higher percentage of skilled drivers.
    I failed my first theory test, so i studied harder and tried again.

  2. nothing more than a goverment money machine of course they make it a hard test to pass the result being making more money the stats speak for them selfs a 40 percent failure rate as for a driving instrukter chargeing 2000 plus per hour so you can pay for his or hers top of the range bmw this is simply unacceptable and a abuse of a driving licence system and goverment failure to ensure a affordable system for every one and a test system that is of a high standard but more achiveble for the fast majority people who undertake such test put simply stop the money making cow and lets have fairness and above all affordability for everyone

  3. ps i read recently about this subject it was a goverment watch dog going to be looking into over charging and excessive profits made from the people of norway to use a goverment ageny that should not be for profit the money made should only cover the cost of the ageny again stop the cash cow

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