26-year-old man to end up in court for not paying corona fine of 20,000 kroner

Oslo CourthousePhoto: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

A 26-year-old man, who hasn’t paid a fine of NOK 20,000 for breaking the isolation requirement while he was infected with the coronavirus, will have to appear in court on Friday, October 2.

The man is charged with the violation of the Communicable Diseases Act and the Corona Act.

According to the charges, he intentionally, or with gross negligence, violated the provision according to which all those infected with COVID-19 have to remain isolated.

Violation of corona isolation

On the night of Thursday, June 11, he drove to Frognerkilen and then back towards his home in Lillestrøm, until the police stopped him in Heimdalsgata in Oslo.

At the time, he was infected with the coronavirus and was told to go into isolation until June 19 by the health service, the indictment states.

In the indictment, police attorney Kai-Gunnar Schwed Nygård in the Oslo police district wrote that the Oslo District Court would file a claim for a fine of 24,000 kroner or 34 days in prison if the initial fine is not paid.

Additionally, the man will also have to cover the legal costs of the process.

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