A 27-year-old in court on charges of sexual cybercrime and sexual crime against 53 girls


Several men have been convicted of cybercrime in recent months. On Tuesday, the trial begins of a 27-year-old Oslo man accused of assault against 53 girls.

Two months have been set for the trial that will last in Oslo District Court until the 23rd of June. The eleven-part accusations includes threats, rape, and sexual assault of 53 girls aged between 12 and 17. The assaults took place over a period of two years.
State Attorney, Anders Mandal Funnemark, said to NTB news that, ‘This is an extensive case , involving 53 victims, and concerns serious moral crimes, including rapes committed in a particularly painful, or particularly offensive manner.’
Criminal justice can mean prison for up to 21 years, and some of the records have been processed by the Riksadvokaten.
‘What distinguishes the case from other cases of nett based sex crime is that there was not physical contact between the accused and the offenders, and it is exclusively so-called network abuse in this case,’ said Funnemark.
According to the accusation, the 27-year-old claimed to be a Russ, and promised the girls to get a Russ bus. That way, he got young girls to send him pictures, then threatened to spread the pictures on the internet.
‘During the period of making threats to publish these pictures, he also threatened them to commit actions that are equivalent to sexual intercourse. In law, that is defined as rape’, Funnemark had previously told NRK news.
The Oslo man worked as an activity manager at a primary school, but none of the victims are of primary school age. The man’s defence lawyer, Jørgen Nicolai Hilsen Mowinckel, informed NTB news agency that the 27-year-old had largely acknowledged what he is accused of.

Several men have been sentenced to custody, and long prison sentences for network abuse in similar cases in recent months.
Attorney General, Tor-Axel Busch, has recently ruled that sexual abuse and abuse against children is an increasing societal problem, asking for a system for police and prosecuting authorities for thorough and faster investigation.
In a similar trial that started in the Hedmark District Court on Tuesday, a 20-year-old man was charged with sexual assault against a total of 39 girls.
Most of the circumstances are related to network sexual abuse, and this man had, according to the prosecution, threatened, cheated and lured the girls to send sexualised images and videos of themselves.
In February, a 22-year-old man was sentenced to nine years in jail for network sexual abuse of 31 young girls while attending school at Karmøy.
The month before, a 44-year-old man from Elverum was sentenced to 12 years for network sexual abuse of 38 girls.

In December lastyear, Bergen District Court sentenced a 66-year-old man to eight years in prison for network sexual abuse of 62 children in Norway and the Philippines.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today