3 children and one adult for check-up after dry-cooking

dry-cooking, Boil Waterboiling water, Photo: Pixabay

Taken to hospital for check-ups after dry-cooking


Three children and one adult were taken to hospital for check-ups after dry-cooking a casserole in a dwelling in Ålesund.

-They have inhaled steam and smoke that are not so good to ingest, says operations manager in Møre og Romsdal police, Trygve Ødegård to NTB.

The police was notified of the case at 2:40 am, and came to the site along with fire brigade and ambulance. At the moment, they can not say anything about the cause of the dry-cooking.

– But there has been some form of negligence here, Ødegaard firmly states.

A case has been established and the police will investigate further.



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