3 indicted after suspicios death in Vesterålen

Police stavanger vestrålenPolice Car in Stavanger. Photo: Pieter Wijnen /NTM

3 indicted after a suspicious death in Vesterålen

Three people are charged with what the police describe as a suspicious death in Vesterålen the night before Wednesday.


Officer in the Nordland Police District, Torgeir Kvitvik, confirms the charges to Vesterålen Online. The deceased is supposedly a young person.

It was one of the accused that the night to Wednesday reported about the death. On Wednesday morning, both the rapporteur and two others were charged in the case.

Helpless condition

– We then needed to get information about people who have been on the scene, which ultimately forms the foundation for the charges. The death turns out to be one that we need to investigate, Kvitvik tells NTB.

The three are aiming to have left a person in a helpless state. There was no basis for charging them for violence resulting in death, Kvitvik points out.

The police officer does not want to say anything about either the deceased or indicted person’s gender or age but adds that the police are working on notifying relatives.

Investigation underway

The police will start the investigation as soon as possible. Already on Wednesday night, a couple of the accused is to be questioned.

– We may not be able to question every one of them on Wednesday. If so, we’ll deal with the remaining suspects on Thursday. We want to hear their explanation of what has happened, Kvitvik informs.

The autopsy of the deceased will take place on Thursday.


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