3 million for a research project in the North Sea

SvalbardSvalbard.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The government grants NOK 3 million for a research project aimed at increasing knowledge about the Arctic Ocean.

The intention is for Norway to be a leader in knowledge and research in the sea areas north of Svalbard.

– “We are seeing an increasing international interest in the Arctic, and it is important for Norway to be present and strengthen our knowledge of our surrounding areas. Through the GoNorth project, there will be opportunities for testing and development of new environmental and navigation technology,” says Business Minister Iselin Nybø (V) in a statement.

Several international research communities collaborate on research, vessels, and funding. A total of three research grants are planned, two with Germany and Sweden, and the money will go towards organizing and funding the trips.

The support comes from the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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