30% Unaware of Wi-Fi Dangers

Mobile phoneMobile phone.Photo Norway Today Media

A new survey reveals that 30% of all Norwegians are unaware of the dangers posed by electronic thieves who steal personal information as travelers try to connect to foreign computer networks abroad.


The potential for damage is greatest when connecting through an open wireless network.An open network can be hosted by anyone, and that host can easily monitor the network traffic; including sensitive, personal data.

Data Security Specialist Peter Granlund of P&C Insurance Company Ltd., gave comment upon the danger of connecting to the internet when traveling, saying “The risk of using an open wi-fi connection is that you never know who’s hosting the connection.’ –

“In the worst case, all of your data traffic might be seen and recorded as you use an unsecured, open public wi-fi connection,” said Granlund.

European Travel Insurance sponsored Kantner to conduct this latest 2018 travel survey,and the results show that 1 in 3 Norwegians are in the dark to the tragic consequences that may occur when using a wi-fi network when traveling.

Granlund warns that it’s easy for thieves to set up a wireless router with the same name as a known network, such as “Airport Wi-Fi” at an airport, and gain access to data of those connected to that network.

At worst, users may be prompted to give critical PIN credentials on fake websites.

Specialist Granlund believes that public wireless wi-fi networks should be avoided, and rather recommends using 4G or 3G mobile. Mobile networks are much more difficult to breech than an open wireless network.

Optionally, you can also use VPN; a ‘virtual private data network’ that sends your data traffic through an encrypted connection to VPN provider internet connection, regardless of your internet connection mode.


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