300 firearms seized in Møre and Romsdal

firearms seizedFirearms seized.Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix

A Sunnmøre man in his 50s has been detained after police found between 250, and 300, mainly automatic firearms at his home.


The Customs Department stated that they’d notified the police about the case after detecting shipments of weapons.

Over a period of time, the customs office has taken a systematic approach to the import of weapons and weapon parts. Based on this, we saw a picture pointing to a person who appeared to have the ability to build fully-fledged weapons,’ said the Director of the Customs Department, Eivind Kloster-Jensen, at the Customs Intelligence Center.

Mainly automatic weapons

The man was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of firearms.

‘It’s a big haul. We found between 250 and 300 weapons. We currently don’t know how many are functional, but they’ re mainly automatic weapons,’ said police inspector, Yngve Skovly to TV 2, who reported the case.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the police are reluctant to release information about the guns.

‘So far, there’s no evidence that these are weapons were to be used for terror, or to carry out other criminal offences. But with so many, of course, we are afraid that they could fall into the wrong hands’, said Skovly.


The man was detained on remand in Sunnmøre district court on October the 20th. The trial will be heard in private, without publicity.


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