30,000 complaints about garbage chaos in Oslo

garbage chaos in OsloGarbage chaos in Oslo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Oslo municipality has received almost 30,000 complaints about lack of garbage pick-up in the three months since the Veireno firm became responsible for garbage bins in the capital.

The complaints about failures in garbage handling flowed in during December and the Christmas period, reported VG newspaper. Environment Commissioner, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg (MDGs), said she is very unhappy with the situation and admits that the number of complaints is too high.

‘This hasn’t been good enough. The start-up period has been too long. Frankly, we can’t have it. Therefore, we have done everything we can within the contract to implement measures to improve the situation’, she said.

The Sanitation Department has imposed ‘corrections of deviations fines’ on Veireno, amounting to many millions, and given the company liquidated damages impositions of 115 000.

Director Johnny Enger of Veireno AS said much absence on sick-leave was the reason for the complaints of lack of trash pick-up during Christmas, but stressed that the number of complaints had decreased.

‘And I’m sure the new year will be much better than 2016 for waste subscribers in Oslo’, he said. Let’s hope so Mr. Enger, let’s hope so.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. My God…
    Don’t you guys realise yet what you have done by bringing those immigrants !!!!
    When will your politicians realise??? My goodness – my favourite country – what a mess now. I feel really sad !

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