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330 US Marines will be on rotation trial to Værnes

US army.US army.Photo:

Government will collaborate with the United States on arranging a rotation based training in Norway next year. Around 330 US Marines participating in the trial.

The soldiers will stay at Værnes in Nord-Trøndelag. Within Central Norway they will train the Norwegian and possibly other forces at different places in the country.

It may also be appropriate to use American equipment’s which are preloaded at Værnes.
This arrangement was established by an American inquiry.

It starts up in January 2017 and will be evaluated during the year.

Defense Ministry stressed that the US troops will rotate and that there are some discussions about establishment of a firm base for US forces or the establishment of an American base in Norway.

Parliamentary extended foreign and defense committee was briefed about trial rotation on Monday evening.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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