338 foreigners were forced to leave Norway in October

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In October, Norwegian police deported 338 people by force, 99 fewer than at the same time last year.

A total of 3,518 people without legal residence in Norway were deported by the police in the first ten months of the year. The corresponding figure at the same time last year was 4,323, which is a decrease of 19 %.

One-third of those deported this year (1,198 people), were subjected to one or more criminal sanctions in Norway, according to new figures from the National Police Immigration Service (NPIS), which has the national responsibility for the deportation of persons without legal residence in Norway.

Of those convicted and deported so far this year, 17 % had Romanian citizenship, while 12 % were from Poland and 10 % from Lithuania.

Those forced out by Norwegian police this year belong to more than 130 different nationalities, and have been transported to more than 120 countries. The country to which they have been sent to is not necessarily their home country.

Ukrainians topped the list of nationalities with 261 people, followed by 218 Russians and 217 Romanians. At the same time, Sweden topped the list of countries that foreigners were sent to with 389 individuals, despite the fact that few of the deportees were Swedish citizens. 219 people have been sent to Romania and 216 have been sent to Ukraine.

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  1. UDI,Govt.and relevant authorities, immigration offices should give the special favours to parents above 65 years & retired, already visited EU areas on Schengen & children holding SAS nationalities just for family union purpose with resident visa stickers on their valid passport.

  2. ma. loreto de mesa | 17. November 2019 at 12:12 | Reply

    May I know what is the age limit to become a norwegian citizen?

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