34 fires in central Bergen in four years

BergenBergen.Fire in a house in eastern Skostredet. : Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix

Since 2013 there have been 34 fires and 52 initial potential fires were in the so-called contagious fire areas of Bergen.

With a densely populated area – usually made up of wood buildings – narrow streets and poor accessibility, these areas are especially vulnerable to fire, and especially in terms of the risk of the fire spreading.

NRK has mapped out the fires in these areas over the past four years and they have found 34 major and minor fires and 52 initial potential fires.

On Tuesday night the so-called Frimerkehuset (Stamp house) in Østre Skostredet was in flames. The building built in 1707 received such extensive damage that it will probably have to be demolished.

Fire contagious areas are an important factor for where the fire department in Bergen has chosen to put fire stations and equipment.

– It’s no longer burning in the wooden buildings, but we think about the worst that can happen – if the entire block or city caught on fire, said Information Officer Trine Sivertsen Sommerlade from the fire department.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today