35-year-old sentenced to eight years in prison for rape

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

A 35-year-old man was sentenced to eight years in prison in the Stavanger District Court for the rape of neighboring girl.


Saturday 21 January, the girl came home from a party and noticed that the neighbor was standing outside having a cigarette. According to the statement she went straight in and went to bed.


Later she noticed that there was someone in her room and she that she quickly realized that it was the neighbor, despite being masked, says Stavanger Aftenblad.


What followed is only described as very rough. The 35-year-old used strip ties to bound her and then used a lighter to remove them when she said that they were very painful. This caused burns to the victims arms.


The victim said that she had repeatedly asked him to go and that he should think about what he had done and that he was destroying it for himself. The 35-year-old claimed that the victim had given him a flirtatious look on her way into her house and that she had consented.


The court finds that there was no consent as the perpetrator claimed and that he sexually attacked her.


He will also have to pay restitution in an amount over 300,000 krones in compensation.


The 35-year-old´s lawyer, Ørjan Eskeland, told the newspaper that they will appeal the verdict.



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