364 persons deported from Norway in May

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A total of 364 persons were transported out of Norway in May. Of these, 135 were charged with one or more sanctions. That accounts for 37 percent of those transported out.

Of the deported, 302 were in the category of remove and expel, 19 were rejected asylum and 43 were of the Dublin / safe third country scheme, shows the monthly statistics report from the Police Immigration Unit (PU)

Compared to April, there were 52 more deported in the category of remove and expel, 23 more in the category of Dublin / safe third country scheme, and 9 fewer in the category rejection asylum.

In total, ten minors were transported out in May to their home country or to a safe third country. All traveled with a guardian. A total of 60 minors have been transported out during the first five months of the year.

So far this year, 634 people who have been charged with a crime or more sanctions have been deported. This accounts for just under 38 percent of all those returned.

During the first five months of the year, the police deported 1,686 persons without legal residence from Norway, compared to 2,051 at the same time last year. This is a decrease of 18 percent in the total number of transported from last year to the same time this year.

Most of those who were removed from Norway are from the following countries; Ukraine, a total of 130 people, followed by · Romania (113), Albania (105), Russia (102) and Poland (91).

The police’s immigration unit has the national responsibility for the forced removal of persons who do not have legal residence in Norway.

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