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38 years-old inflicted knife injuries in Stavanger

Police, knife injuriesIllustration. Photo: Norway Today Media


38 years-old arrested for inflicting knife injuries to the face

A man is arrested for inflicting another man with knife injuries to the face in the district of Hinna, Stavanger.


The Stavanger police was notified at 19.30 Tuesday about a stabbing incident outside a shop at Hinna in Stavanger, Rogaland.

At 1:20 am, the situation was still a little fuzzy and unclear, and no further news has been presented.

Not Talkative

– There is a 25 years-old man who has received lacerations to the face, he has been stitched at the emergency room and been discharged.

– He was not very talkative, but witness information from the site led us to arrest the perpetrator at 23.30. The perpetrator is a 38-year-old man, says Kurt Løklingholm to NTB.

Løklingholm is Operations Manager in the south-west police district

The police do not have details of the background or motive for the incident.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today