4 Swedes missing in avalanche area in Troms

AvalancheAvalanche. Photo: Pixabay.com

4 Swedes missing in avalanche prone area in Troms

A group of four Swedes are missing on Blåbærfjellet (Blueberry Mountain) in Troms. It has been several smaller avalanches in the area recently.


It is uncertain whether the group is buried by an avalanche.

The Swedish hiking group was last observed around 2 pm. After a few hours, a fifth member of the group became worried and notified the police.

“He reports that it is dark in the mountain and that there have been several smaller avalanches in the area,” Operations Manager in the Troms Police District, Morten Augensen, tells NTB.

The hiking group consists of four persons from Sweden who have returned from a top tour to Blåbærtinden (the peak).

The police and ambulance helicopters are on their way to the area. Volunteer rescue teams are notified, Troms Police District Tweets just before 5 pm on Wednesday.

“We hope that everything is well with them, but want to check out the area to be on the safe side,” Augesen informs.

Blåbærfjellet is located in Inner Troms, where there is considerable avalanche risk on Wednesday, according to  Varsom.no.

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  1. Not correct information. 1 person from Sweden, 3 persons from Finland.

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