40 asylum seekers in Aksdal are refusing to move to a new reception center

Asylum seekers gatheringTysvær 20160113. Tysvær Aksdal. Asylsøkere nekter å forlate Aksdal Kro der de har hatt tilhold en periode. Nå kl. 14.30 står ca. 30 personer i en undergang i Aksdal. En politibil passerer over. Foto: Jan Kåre Ness / NTB scanpix
Around 40 asylum seekers ran off when they had  to leave the reception center in Tysvær in Rogaland Wednesday. They refuse to move to the new reception center at Forus.
– There are 1,150 people living there, it’s dirty and it’s hard for kids. It is better to stay out here in the snow and cold than to move there, says Akunda Airanji,  an asylum seeker from Syria.
She confirms that the  police were informed that asylum applicants have been informed – and  seen pictures of the conditions at the new reception center at Forus outside Stavanger, and  that they have concluded that the conditions did not seem satisfactory.The center at Forus reported Tuesday night about fights, and a man is arrested. The police are also investigating a possible rape of a little boy at the reception.
– We have received information from friends who live there, and on Russian Facebook pages we found similar information, says Airanji.
Source; NTB scanpix/ Norway Today