40 million to the outdoors this year

Sognsvann in Oslo Sunday afternoonSognsvann in Oslo Sunday afternoon Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

The Ministry of Culture has increased the subsidy for recreational programs for children and adolescents from 2 million to 22 million.

On top of this, the subsidy for the construction of outdoor activities has been strengthened by 3 million to a total of 18 million.
This year, outdoor recreation is a priority for this year’s distribution of profits from Norwegian Tipping.
The government granted a total of 2,422 million kroner in lottery profits for sports purposes in 2016. This amount is 159 million kr higher than in 2015.
“The outdoors is a very cheap and wise investment. Nature is there and adopting it offers tremendous health benefits,” says Dag Kaas, chairman of Norwegian Outdoors.
“These are inexpensive systems such as cabins. We will focus in the lowlands as well now, rather than only in the mountains,” says Kaas.
He expects that it will have a particularly great effect for those who otherwise are not physically active. Outdoor activities are easy, with little to no cost to participate.
“We currently have a great deal of life indoors, so we must find a way to get out,” says Kaas.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today