40 new cases of the mutated coronavirus detected in Nordre Follo

Hanne OpdanPhoto: Fredrik Hagen / NTB

A total of 40 new cases of the mutated coronavirus from the UK were discovered on Monday in Nordre Follo Municipality. 

In total, the mutated coronavirus has been detected in 65 samples. A total of 250 positive corona tests from the Nordre Follo Municipality have so far been analyzed for the virus mutation, the Municipality wrote on its website.

The outbreak started at Langhus center, where two people died with the mutated virus. The Municipality was not notified that these cases involved the British variant until Thursday evening. 

Four new cases were confirmed on Friday. On Sunday, eleven new cases were confirmed. The Municipality confirmed eight new cases on Monday morning.

“The infection situation in the Municipality is extremely uncertain. The situation can change very quickly,” municipal chief medical officer Kerstin Johnsen Myhrvold told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

A total of 25 municipalities in Eastern Norway are affected by the outbreak. Ten of them, including Oslo, are under very strict corona restrictions, with shops and restaurants closed. 

In addition, there are similar restrictions in 15 surrounding municipalities.

FHI “especially vigilant”

The 40 new cases of the mutated British virus in Nordre Follo do not change the National Institute of Public Health’s (FHI) assessment of the seriousness of the situation.

“But we are now especially vigilant for cases that are not related to a known outbreak or routes of infection,” department director Line Vold at the FHI said.

She believes the Municipality is doing a thorough and good job at tracing the infection.

“Most cases can be linked to known routes of infection, but there is still some mapping work going on. There are some cases that, as of now, have not been linked with the outbreak,” Vold said.

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  1. And yesterday everything was supposedly under control. This is a virulent, evil disease.

    I’ve read it was discovered in a health station and school there. It knows how to get around. Reminds me of the old Atari 800 computer game, Agent USA … who has to eradicate the “fuzzies” from infected train stations and find Aunt Hattie’s rogue TV set fuzzbombing everyone … except we’re playing this game for lives.

    (Great station to station train music theme, which I hear in my mind every time I get on the tog here.)

    Norway Today, is it true that the mutated strain is 30% more deadly and now dangerous to the young?

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