400.000 Norwegian kroner seized from Canadian and Romanian

Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Passenger record cycling world championship customsOslo Airport Gardermoen in Ullensaker Municipality. Photo: Norway Today Media

A Canadian and a Romanian citizen are suspected of having attempted to smuggle a total of 400.000 kroner out of the country in late February.

The 41-year-old Canadian was uncovered by ‘currency sniffer dog’  ​​Duke who made the discovery of large amounts of money at Oslo Airport Gardermoen 28 February this year.

The officer attached no credence to the man’s explanation of the origin of the 180,000 kroner in US dollars the man had on him, and confiscated the money.

20 minutes later customs officials in Sandefjord stopped a 29 year old Romanian who was boarding a ferry to Hirtshals. The officer revealed that the money was disguised inside a large pillow case.

The Customs office therefore believed that the money originated from criminal offenses or moonlighting. The full amount of almost 221,000 kroner were therefore seized, said the Customs office.

The man claimed that the money was derived from the sale of magazines, an explanation the customs officers gave no credence to.

According to the Customs department, custom officials and sniffer dogs uncovered  NOK 52 million in undeclared currency in 2015. All amounts above NOK 25,000 must be declared on entry or exit.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today