400 Norwegian students evicted from ski resort in Sweden

Swedish flagSwedish flag.Photo:Pixabay

Around 400 Norwegian students have been kicked out of a ski resort in Sälen in Sweden. According to the organizer, Skistar, they had broken students’ regulations.

‘We and our guests expect that on a skiing holiday, one must respect the other guests, and adhere to school rules. It has not worked in this case’, said press officer, Linda Morell, of Skistar, to VG newspaper.

The reference was to about 400 students from Høyskolen Kristiania. The head of the student union, Morten Lauvås, said the students were staying in the same area as families with children, which led to several complaints.

‘We introduced the measures we believed were necessary. Among other things, we had 15 to 20 of our own guards, to keep the peace. Skistar thought it was not enough, and thus, it happened, unfortunately, as it happened’ said Lauvås.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today