41 Somalis have lost their refugee status

asylum seekers july - UDI familyThe Norwegian Department of Immigration (UDI). Photo Norway Today Media

UDI has concluded that 41 Somalis no longer need protection in Norway, they can safely travel back to Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.


The Immigration Directorate currently has about 1,400 cases that concern citizens from Somalia for assessment due to improvement in the situation in their home country, writes Vårt Land.

In 41 cases there has been a decision to abolish refugee status and residence permit. More than 200 cases have been dropped or a decision has been made in favor of the refugee.

In addition, 28 people from Djibouti, who said they came from Somalia when they applied for asylum in Norway, lost their residence permit.

The reason for the review of old asylum cases is an agreement in Parliament between the Right, the Progress Party, the KrF, the Left, the Labor Party and the Center Party from November 2015, which applies to foreigners who have been temporarily residing as refugees:

“If the basis for temporary protection may have fallen as a result of political, social or humanitarian improvements in their home country, immigration authorities may, without undue delay, resume the revocation of the residence permit to those who were granted leave on such grounds.”


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