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429 forced deportations in January

Travelling repatriatedTravelling light. Photo: Norway Today Media


Police Immigration Unit (PU) sent 429 people out of the country coercively in January this year. One third of them were given a penalty.

Of the 137 penalised who were deported, the largest proportion came from Poland (15 percent), Romania (14 percent) and Lithuania (12 percent).

A total of 86 of the deported had been refused asylum. 30 were sent to another EU country to process their asylum application there, or to a so-called safe third country.

A total of 23 children were sent out of the country and  were all part of families, PU said.

According to the monthly statistics, ten people were returned to Afghanistan. Nine of them had been refused their asylum applications. 33 people were sent back to Russia. Two of these were asylum seekers who had been rejected whilst the rest were expelled. 16 were returned to Iraq and 7 to Somalia.

The number of forced deportations in January is 3 per cent lower than in the same month last year.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today





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