43% of corona cases in Oslo in October registered among young people

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Around 400 out of 920 corona cases in Oslo in September were registered among people in their twenties. 

The infection in Oslo has increased rapidly, and Oslo’s health councilor Robert Steen (AP) told newspaper Dagsavisen that local authorities do not want to introduce too strict measures since it can shake people’s trust in the authorities. 

However, at the same time, he’s concerned about the infection rates.

“I am worried… The fact that multiple young adults are now infected is not so serious in itself. But when the infection spreads from them to the elderly and sick, and when the coronavirus begins to be a burden on the hospitals again, then we become restless,” Steen said.

Infection among young people

Out of the total of 920 cases of infection in Oslo this month, close to 400 infected people were in their twenties. 

And over 200 of the cases were between 30 and 39 years of age. 

In week 40, every third infected person had an unknown site of infection. 

Most infected people stated that they were infected at a private household or private gathering.

Face masks

Steen explained that face masks are the most targeted measure. 

At the same time, the measures that limit private gatherings to 10 people, the ban on more than 50 people at events without fixed seats, and limits to working hours in bars, are aimed at young adults.

“It worries me that people are breaking these measures. It is simply forbidden to do so. The fact that a few don’t care can have serious consequences for many. I understand that young people find it difficult. They are in their most social phase of life. But if we do not get the necessary results now, then we must introduce more measures,” Steen concluded.

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