4,300 deer killed in traffic

More deer hunted than mooseDeer(Hjort). Photo wikipedia.com

In 2015/2016 a little over 4,300 deer were run down and killed by cars or trains. This is an increase of around 370 animals from the previous year, according to figures from Statistics Norway (SSB).

A total of 4,303 deer were struck and killed in 2015/2016, 112 of these were hit by trains.

At number two on the list of roadkill we find moose, where 871 were hit by motor vehicles and 484 by trains, a total of 1355 animals. There is a decrease of 80 animals compared with 2014/2015.

639 caribou were hit and killed in the hunting year 2015/2016, of which 30 were hit by trains. Also here we see a decline, 140 fewer animals than the previous year.

The figures show that the few caribou that stray close to road s or rail lines, they live quite safely. Only one reindeer were hit by trains, no car, truck or other motor vehicle hit them.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today