Over 50 African countries demand apology from Trump

Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump.Photo. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

54 African countries demand that USA’s President, Donald Trump apologise, and withdraw the alleged statement on African ’shitholes’.



‘We are very concerned, and strongly condemn the tough, racist, and xenophobic statements from the US president that have appeared in the media,’ said a joint statement.

Urgent Meeting

The UN ambassadors from various African countries met for a four-hour, fast-paced meeting on Friday. They were unanimous in the demand that Trump must withdraw the statements and apologise.

On Friday, it became known that in a meeting on immigration issues for Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries, Trump had referred to them as ’shitholes’.

He denied this, but a senator who was present at the meeting confirmed that it was said.

‘We are concerned about the persistent, and increasing, trend of the American administration against Africa and people of African background, and the condemnation of whole continents and colours,’ the press release said.

At the same time, they thanked all Americans who have condemned the statements.


The criticisms have been made against Trump, and many denote the statement as racist, including the United Nations.

On Friday, Trump’s opponent in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, noted that it was eight years since Haiti was hit by a very devastating earthquake.

‘It’s a day to remember the tragedy, honour the invincible Haitian people, and ensure America’s commitment to helping our neighbours. Instead, we are exposed to Trump’s ignorant and racist view of all who do not look like him,’ she said.

Clinton didn’t comment on the widespread claims of embezzlement of funds made against the Clinton Foundation since the Haitian earthquake in 2010.


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