50 percent more rescue operations in fair weather

Summer eveningSummer evening.Photo: Norway Today Media

The nice weather makes for busy days for the people who are charged with ensuring the safety of others. JRCC Southern Norway had 45 missions a day until Sunday afternoon, 50 percent more than normal.

On an average summer day the center  coordinates about 30 rescues. In winter the figures are often less than 10, NRK reported.
– It is peak season now. The weather is nice and people are spending more time on going outside and enjoying themselves  in the hot sun, but they don’t always know how to ensure their own safety, rescue leader Ola Vaage told NRK. 35 of the rescue missions were at sea.
– Many have experienced engine trouble and and some people have run aground. Fortunately, we have been spared from the heaviest and most serious incidents, says Vaage.
Most of the missions on land concerned people who had problems in the mountains in the fair weather. The police have also had many missions that can be linked to  people wanting to enjoying themselves in the summer sun.  Leader of Operations  in the  West police Morten Kronen, told NRK about incidents like a paraglider accident, a boat that was on fire and a woman who fell into a river. At Finse a tourist got stuck in a snowdrift.
– But eventually some people in the area heard that she cried and came and got her up, Kronen said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today