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Over 500 complains about lawyers last year

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In 2016 the Bar Association Disciplinary board treated a total of 513 complaints about lawyers. 178 people had their  complaints upheld last year.

In all, 77 lawyers received criticism from the disciplinary committees in the last year alone, 18 laywers received a reprimand, and 14 lawyers received a warning.

The Disciplinary Tribunal, which is the appeal court for the disciplinary committees and first stop for complaints about lawyers who are not members of the Bar Association, rejected 44 percent of the complaints and upheld in 70 cases.

The tribunal heard a total of 282 cases, writes Advokatbladet.

Disciplinary Tribunal gave criticism to 56 lawyers, ten were rebuked and four lawyers were given a warning.

Most common complaints for violating the rules of professional conduct, were for unsatisfactory applicable , factual and correct behavior, the lawyer’s lack of monitoring a case, reasonable fees and failure to protect the client’s interest.





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