53% believe Norway will be affected by terrorism

PolicePolice.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

53% of respondents believe it’s ‘likely’ that Norway will be affected by a terrorist attack over the next 12 months, according to an international survey.


This has increased since February, when 37%  said they thought it would be likely that Norway would be affected by terror within the next year.

Swedish terrorist researcher, Magnus Ranstorp, told Klassekampen newspaper that he believes the growth is due to reported terrorist attacks in other European countries.

‘It’s about several terrorist attacks that are coming closer to us. The debate about value deficits is becoming more visible, and at the same time there is more polarization between groups in society’, said Ranstorp.
The survey, conducted by the agency YouGov, also shows that 59% of Norwegians believes that there is a fundamental conflict between Islam and the values ​​of Norwegian society.
Although 53% in Norway responded that they think it ‘very’ or ‘quite’ likely that there will be a terrorist attack over the next twelve months, the numbers are even higher in other European countries.
In Germany, France and the United Kingdom, where there have been a number of reported terrorist attacks in recent years, 71%, 81% and 74% respectively believe that a terrorist attack is likely.
The Norwegian National Police Security Service (PST) consider a terrorist attack in Norway as ‘likely’, after earlier considering it ‘possible’ that Norway could be exposed to terrorism in 2017.
One aspect of the attacks that wasn’t considered in the report is the by now widespread idea that not all reported terrorist attacks are genuine, but that some are what are termed ‘false flags’, designed to bring about particular legislation or changes in law or government policy.


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