5,482 fled from Norwegian asylum centers last year

asylum seekers sent outAsylum seekers.Photo: pixabay.com

Last year 5,482 asylum seekers fled from their asylum centers without notice. The Government will now consider the use of ankle bracelets to have better control.

About half of the persons who fled have subsequently returned or been accounted for, but at the end of November there were still 2,743 asylum seekers who were unaccounted for, writes the newspaper Aftenposten.

Now, the use of electronic monitoring may be the solution to use for asylum seekers who are feared may try to evade deportation.

Electronic control with ankle bracelets is already being used as a sentencing option in the Correctional Services.

– The Ministry would like to look into the use of electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration. And in addition, we will check whether this may also be used in cases where there are no prisons today, says Communications Consultant Andreas Bondevik from The Ministry of Justice.

The Police Directorate has now been asked to evaluate what kind of electronic control may be appropriate for foreigners, if there are alternatives to ankle bracelets, what this type of control will cost and whether there is a need for amending the rules and regulations in order to put them to use.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today