57,000 signatures petition against wolf hunting

Wolf faster SheepWolf.Photo: pixabay.com

Over 57,000 people have joined a petition against the hunting of up to 47 wolves in Norway. ON Saturday the first hunting round starts.

The campaign has been started by individuals who aim to preserve the Norwegian wolf population, wrote Friends of the Earth Norway in a statement.

– It is a paradox that private individuals must move heaven and earth to prevent the Norwegian politicians and management from protecting this specoes. The issue has caused an international  spectacle.

Allowing our most endangered mammals who are at the edge of extinction, is not a good reputation we can be proud of, believes Arnodd Håpnes, which is the Friends of the Earth Norway’s leader for biodiversity.

The issue has gotten signatures from over 100 countries, he said. The majority of those who mark their opposition to the hunt are Norwegian, Håpnes emphasized that it is not only the locals who are opposed.

– So this is anything but a battle between Oslo and the rest of Norway, as some portrayed it as, stated Håpnes. Nearly three quarters of the Norwegian signatures are from people outside the big cities, and approximately one in every six signature is from Oslo.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today