Six charged with smuggling 400 kilos of gold

Gold ingots smugglingGold bar. Photo: Pixabay

Six charged with smuggling nearly 400 kilos of gold

Six men must appear before the Oslo District Court, accused of smuggling a total of 397 kilograms of gold into Norway. The gold is valued at approximately NOK 143 million.


The accusation states that two of the six defendants together have imported or facilitated the import of 397 kilograms of gold into Norway. They did not report the gold to the Norwegian Customs, and the two business owners alone owe about NOK 28 million in unpaid import duties.

The gold was allegedly imported in order to be sold on by companies owned by the two. The other four defendants allegedly assisted in the transportation of the gold across the border.

The relationship is considered to be gross especially because there were allegedly several persons involved in the operation, that the gold was intended for resale, the sheer volume of the smuggled goods and amount of customs dues not paid.

Of the defendants, five are of Swedish origin, while the last one is a Finn. The conditions that they are charged with took place between 2011 and 2012.

The trial is to be held before the Oslo District Court from October 8th to November 2nd.


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